Welcome to Red Feather Media
We love southwest Montana and the Greater Yellowstone Area! We advertise for local businesses in Southwest Montana through our marketing avenues online and on paper. We are based in Bozeman, MT and truly appreciate all this area has to offer. We want to share that appreciation and love for this special place with as many people as possible.
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A Bozeman-based company that provides comprehensive information regarding vacation and adventure planning in Southwest Montana.
We create and publish advertising materials for the Greater Yellowstone Area and distribute them via physical and digital outlets. You may be interested in our website or marketing packet:
A website offering information to visitors and locals about places to stay, restaurants, activities, retailers, and more in the area. Get a FREE listing if you distribute your brochures with our brochure packet distribution. What a deal!
Southwest Montana Brochure Packet
A packet of local business's brochures that get distributed through rental car agencies. Let us do the "dirty" work for you, give us your brochures and WE distribute them at local car rental counters located in Bozeman and West Yellowstone.
Southwest Montana Vacation Packet Distribution Pricing for Seasonal Distribution
November 15 thru April 15
#Brochures  =  Price
            500  =    $50
          1000  =  $100
          1500  =  $150
          2000  =  $200
          2500  =  $250
          3000  =  $300
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BONUS: Get a FREE listing on our website Bozemanvacations.com with brochure packet participation
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Telephone 406-578-1038
Email redfeathermediallc@gmail.com
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